Wellness Exams


Annual wellness examinations are recommended as they can greatly benefit your pet.These visits provide us with an opportunity to complete a thorough physical examination which may help us identify medical problems or other issues affecting your pet's health.Any vaccinations that may be due can be administered on a timely basis at the annual wellness exam.Routine diagnostic services may be discussed at this time as well.

During the wellness exam, we will evaluate your pet's major organ systems, along with coat and skin condition, teeth and gums, and check your pet's weight.We will ask you about your pet's appetite, attitude, behavior and exercise routines.This is a great time to note any changes in weight or other subtle changes that may not have been noticed at home.Information obtained at the wellness visit may help detect early signs of illness before they progress.

Additionally, annual wellness examinations allow us to establish an ongoing relationship with you and your pet.We get to know you and your pet, his or her lifestyle, home environment and health risks.This is a great time to ask the doctor any questions you may have about your pet.No question is too small or too silly!We welcome all your questions and are happy to address any of your concerns.

Take an active role in your pet's health by scheduling an annual wellness exam.

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