Yearly vaccinations are a vital ingredient in any plan to keep your pets happy and healthy. At Rand Road Animal Hospital our team of professionals is happy to answer any questions you may have.We will send you a reminder that your pets' vaccinations are due via e-mail or postcard.

Core Vaccines are recommended for all pets on an annual basis.Diseases included in Core Vaccines are known to cause serious illness and even death, which is why they are so important for your pet's health.Core Vaccines include Rabies (required annually by Illinois state law), canine Distemper (DA2 or DAPP) and feline Distemper (FVRC).

What is covered by a DA2 or DAPP vaccine?

All of these viruses are highly contagious and are also found in wildlife.

- Distemper virus: causes neurological, respiratory or gastrointestinal disease, FATAL

- Adenovirus (Hepatitis):causes liver, respiratory, gastrointestinal or eye disease

- Parvovirus:causes severe intestinal destruction, requires hospitalization, maybe fatal

- Parainfluenza:one of the many pathogens associated with 'kennel cough', highly contagious

What is covered by a FVRCP vaccine?

- Calicivirus:causes respiratory disease

- Rhinotracheitis:causes respiratory disease

- Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper):causes neurological, intestinal or eye disease

Non-Core Vaccines are lifestyle vaccines that you and the veterinarian will determine if necessary on a case by case basis.These vaccines include:

Leptospirosis, Lyme, Bordetella (aka Kennel Cough), and influenzas.

Vaccination Schedules for Puppies and Kittens

All puppies and kittens should receive DA2/DAPP (canine) or FVRCP (feline) booster vaccinations every 3-4 weeks, starting at 8 weeks of age and ending at 4-5 months of age.For more detailed information please refer to our Puppy and Kitten Care page.

Illinois State Law requires the first

Rabies vaccination at 16 weeks of age.

Take an active role in your pet's health by scheduling an annual wellness exam.

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  • King Louie
    King and Office Manager

    Louie is one of our clinic cats.  He mostly sleeps and is a little crabby (our grumpy old man), but loves catnip and sunning himself.  Louie likes to supervise the front desk and reception area.

  • Queen Danica
    Queen and Office Manager

    Queen Danica, aka 'Mushy' is one of our clinic cats.  She loves to eat (as often as possible), sleep and drink out of the faucet.  Danica likes to sit in the pharmacy sink and supervise in the exam rooms.

  • Peter Lysakowski, DVM, MS
    Veterinarian, Owner
    Owner Veterinarian

    Dr Pete is the owner Veterinarian of Rand Road Animal Hospital.  He graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science.  Dr Pete was awarded a Master of science in Cellular/Molecular Biology at UIC, before returning to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign College of Veterinary Medicine where earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.  Dr Pete is firmly committed to treating every pet as if it were his own.  

    Dr Peter is the proud owner of a perpetually happy yellow lab, and our 2 clinic cats, Louie (often grumpy) and Danica (always hungry).  In his spare time Dr Pete enjoys music, biking, camping and spending time with his dog.

  • Judy Cole, DVM

    Dr Judy was born in Denver, CO and grew up in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Dr Judy graduated from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine.  She is married with 3 children, 6 grandkids, 3 cats and 1 dog.

     Dr Judy regularly volunteers at The Buddy Foundation.

  • Lisa
    Lead Veterinary Technician

    Lisa has been with Rand Road Animal Hospital since 2001 as a Veterinary Technician.  Lisa has a full house with 3 Newfoundlands, 1 Bernese Mountain Dog and 1 Shepherd/Husky Mix.

  • Mary Gorman

    Mary joined the reception team in 2015.  Mary's home menagerie includes Bolt, a Papillion, 4 cats, Angel, Smudge, QT and (escape artist) Pippin.  Outdoor pets include a large assortment of chickens and ducks.  While her Paso Fino

    Mary enjoys traveling every chance she gets!

  • Amanda Riesterer, DVM

    Dr Amanda received her bachelor's degree for the University of Illinois Urban-Champaign, with a major in Animal Sciences and a minor in Chemistry.  Returning to her alma mater, she was awarded her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2015.  Dr Amanda focuses her interests on soft tissue surgery, feline medicine, and low stress patient handling.  She frequently spends her dayoff performing surgeries for a community shelter.Dr Amanda spends many of her evenings teaching a local high school marching band alongside her husband.  She enjoys running, reading and family time.  Dr Amanda's favorite past times are riding or hanging out with her Paint Horse Black Jack.  She has 3 rambunctious cats, Timber and 2 torties gals, Twix (left Twix) and Mini (Right Twix).

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  • "Dr. Pete and staff take such pride in caring for the animals and educating thier owners. My family has gone for 20 years to his office, I myself with my own for 6 years. My animals are safe and loved when I bring them, there's no where else I'd consider taking them. I'll do the 30 mile drive for that."
    Liz Cooper / Facebook